10 Steps on How to Create An Iconic Fashion Shoots

"Photography is not just an art but a sense of feeling, touching, and loving a camera caught image. It recalls little things, long after you have forgotten everything." - Aaron Siskind.
Today, pictures are everything, from the phone industry; we see the demand of users for better cameras to capture every moment in the best quality. Setting up the perfect fashion shoot is an exciting moment for any professional or amateur photographer. However, a photo shoot can be very challenging.
I can remember the feeling I had on my first fashion shoot. I can remember the sour taste in my mouth and that creeping fear that I was going to mess it up. But I understood that one thing I shouldn't do is jitter and look like an amateur.
Naturally, we all have a fear of failing, but with these ten steps, you'll feel not only confident in yourself but also produce jaw-dropping photos.

Steps on How to Create Iconic Fashion Shoots

  1. Do your research: First of all, you must understand what your audience expects to see from your photoshoot. You have every right to look through similar shoots and observe the details you need to capture. You can go as far as asking questions or advice.
  2. Seek inspiration: Before you pick where or what you want to shoot, find a setting that puts you in your element. Big fashion brands have made a name for themselves by taking photoshoots in iconic settings. Where you decide to take your pictures can play a significant role in what your audience perceives.
  3. Create a shot list: with the proper planning, you have a much higher chance of creating iconic pictures. Your list should contain: a. The shot you would like to create b. The number of outfits you are to shoot c. What props would you need? d. Participants in the shoot You should share such details with your teammates and any other person involved in the shoot.
  4. The Model: Every model is unique. Understanding who you will shoot plays a significant role in affecting the shoot. Every model has his or her angle that makes them stand out. Capturing such aspects helps create great photos.
  5. Scout for talent: get the best possible skills to fit perfectly with your needs. You can find amazing stylists, makeup artists, and any other type of professional on social media platforms.
  6. Get a cooperative team: As with every business, those you work with will affect the quality of your project. If everyone understands their roles, you should expect great pictures. Your team should be built of hardworking, flexible and reliable people.
  7. What will the picture be used for: for your images to be "relevant" to your employers, they need to be able to fit into its purpose. Be clear on what you are expected to deliver, the number of images required, and what the budget is.
  8. Set up a mood board: this should consist of a stream of consciousness that displays all the elements you would love to capture in your photo shoot. It could include portraits of animals, the landscape sunset, or just shades of colour.
  9. Use a journal: always be ready to write down ideas before and during the photo shoot. Jot down ideas as they come into your mind and use it. Many times some of those ideas create the best shoots.
  10. Have a backup plan: many times, things don't go as you initially planned, so you always need to have an ace up your sleeves. Outdoor shoots can still be ruined by inclement weather, but it's in such moments that real talents are discovered.

Remember this, "the camera is an instrument that edifies people how to see without a camera" Dorothea Lange. Let these wise words guide you as you create timeless art.

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