5 Ways Instagram Changed Fashion for Good

“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” Diana Vreeland

Social media platforms have truly revolutionized fashion. Before their rise, fashion was kind of exclusive. We could discover new trends in magazines and fashion shows, but now we can even share our own trends, designs, styles, and outfits with the entire world.

And we have mostly Instagram to thank. With Instagram, fashion has come a really long way over the past decade. Here’s how it changed for good.

An Image-Centric Social Media Network Is Perfect for Fashion

A fashion-based Instagram profile is like a digital fashion magazine. That’s precisely what makes Instagram an ideal platform for the industry.

Whether you want to get a sneak peek of the latest Vogue issue or find the outfit of the day, you can instantly find it on Instagram.

The platform changed the way we learn about the hottest trends and set some trends of our own. Insta photos can potentially reach millions of people around the globe in just a matter of hours. What better way for fashion to travel around the world?

Live and Video Material

Video content on Instagram is even better for boosting engagement.

IGTV enables fashion designers, brands, and influencers to connect with their audience on a deeper level. It lets them create more compelling, in-depth stories about their designs and show off new collections.

And many runway shows aren’t exclusive anymore! Thanks to live video, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home, or while relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere.

Instagram Changed the Way We Shop as Well

When you’re looking for new clothes to buy, where do you look first? That’s right, on Instagram.

According to the latest Instagram stats, 60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform. With the help of relevant hashtags, you can find literally any fashion brand or item and make an order directly on the platform through tags that lead to a POS. You never have to leave the app and switch between online stores.

Brands Reaching Out to Influencers

Instagram has paved the way for new careers as well. Fashion influencers, who have the power to, well, influence other people’s purchasing decisions, have taken center stage on the network. They’re transparent, speak from personal experiences, validate products, and drive people to take action.

They’re like peers recommending brands or products, which is why they build trust and loyalty. And that’s why brands are connecting with them to extend their reach and boost sales.

Instagram’s Particular Brand of Fashion

Instagram has become a true gateway to fashion. It’s a fashion magazine, event channel, and ecommerce store all in one. You can safely say it’s a brand of fashion itself, given its growing power in the industry.

It’s incredibly well-suited for fashion brands, including the luxury sector. And being a trustworthy sales channel, it has become absolutely essential for brands and consumers alike.


Fashion as we know it has gone through a revolution that has completely changed the industry for the better. Thanks to Instagram, it has never been more accessible and interactive than it is today.

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