Casting the Right Models : Understanding the Basics

“The secret to being a model isn’t in being perfect. One model needs is a face that people can identify in seconds. You have already been given what you need by nature, and what you need now is to bring something new” – Karl Lagerfeld

As a fashion photography and videography production company with extensive access to some of the Dubai’s best models, we take our model selection processes seriously. Casting the right models is an important step in creating a great photo shoot.

We would like to share the necessary criteria and screening processes we employ in choosing the models you should use in selecting a model.

Tips on Casting the Right Models

The first step in choosing the right model is building a mood board. A mood board is your guide on what type of images you want to create. Think of it like your mirror at home or notice board where you pin or paste photos that guide you in creating a new concept.

Portfolio images

before we choose who to model, we need to run interviews and look through model portfolios. When examining a model portfolio, the first thing we look for is variety. This refers to model’s emotions and their ability to demonstrate a wide range of poses. We wouldn’t want to shoot a model who can’t give poses that go with the theme.

The genre of the Photo shoot

Keep in mind what genre you’re trying to shoot. Shooting for high fashion editorials, swim wares, fashion, or for advertisements. While there are models who have no problem adapting to several genres, most are particular to a specific style. For example, if we are casting for a fashion shoot, we wouldn’t cast a model that is particular to fitness modeling.

Recent work

Some models may not update their portfolios for a long period. In such cases, we request for more recent photos from the model. It is crucial to see models recent works to know if they will fit into our photoshoot perfectly.

First impressions

When reaching out to a model we intend to cast, we consider first impressions. If this is our first time working with a model, we respect them, their time, and provide them with as much information as possible. We let them know the theme of the shoot, potential dates, team members, and some other necessary details. Providing a model with this on time increases our chances of getting a positive response, and it shows our seriousness. The model also has enough time to make up their minds and check their schedules before giving us an answer.

Compensate appropriately

This is one of the most tricky aspects of choosing our models as every photographer and team carry varying views on this topic. Finding the best models at the right price is important in creating amazing shoots. When considering the right price, we take not of the models’ initial offer; we consider the project and how vital the model is to the success of the photo shoot. .


Choosing the right photoshoot directors and production house relieves you the hassle of figuring out which model to shoot or where to find professional models. With our services, our connection and experience, you get an assurance that we are going to deliver the best results.

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