High Fashion Photoshoot: The Middle East?

The Middle East is a beautiful and amazing for its rugged desert setting and amazing architecture. This has been an inspiration for many fashion photographers, as famous photographers from all around the world have opted to capture the surreal beauty of these lands and showcase the beauty of the model or wearable art against an amazing backdrop.

If you have browsed the pages of famous fashion magazines recently, the evidence of using the Middle East, especially the UAE as a location for a fashion photography session can be seen everywhere. There was a fashion editorial published in Cosmopolitan Middle East a while back, a fashion photoshoot reflecting the beauty of the Middle East and voicing the braveness of the Arabian woman.

This is not the only example of the exquisiteness the Middle East offers, as many famous magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and others that have all published editorials photographed in the Middle East. Or, just maybe you’ve watched Aladdin recently and got inspired by the scenes and fashion featured in the movie and the exotic feeling places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE evoke.

Why select Dubai as your fashion photography location?

Dubai is the jewel of the Middle East, known for its flash and glamour shining from every corner, ranging from beautiful architectonic achievements to ultra-modern shopping malls, historical sites and beautiful deserts surrounding the area.

Did you know that Dubai is one of the most popular, thriving hubs in the Middle East? Yes, this is true, and it is why many photographers usually select it as a perfect location for their high-fashion photography sessions. The extravagance is everywhere, and you can simply stroll down the Dubai Mall and find an array of excellent and inspiring photo locations.

While the idea behind taking a fashion photograph in a glamorous location can have its merits, there is something surreal when taking the photography session outside. Perhaps the white sandy beaches on the Persian Gulf coastline or the coppery dunes of the Arabian Desert on the outskirts of Dubai – both possibilities offer plenty of amazing settings.

Why use a local photographer when shooting on location?

The fashion photographs taken in exotic places like these can serve to showcase the beauty of the model and combine it with the beauty of the land and inspire the viewer. As the purpose behind the high fashion photography is to lure the clients into taking a second (and a third look) into a particular fashion brand and deciding on a purchase, the setting and background have become imperative in producing a high-quality fashion photograph.

We, at Elements Productions, know how to achieve this and more. Our team of professionals has relentlessly worked in many exotic locations around the world, delivering iconic photographs and videos for famous brands from different industries. The best thing about us, we have a great team of photographers, stylists, and digital experts, we are located in Dubai and know all the best locations in the UAE that can serve as the perfect location for your fashion photography session. Feel free to drop a message, and we’ll get back at you with excellent suggestions on your next fashion photography or videography session in and around Dubai.

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