The Art of Casting Models

“The human body is the best work of art.” – Jess C. Scott

One of the most interesting aspects of fashion photography is working with models who always bring a new touch to the project. At the end of the day, it’s the model who will successfully bring your fashion photoshoot to life, and it’s the model who will breathe new life into your ideas and designs.

That’s why it’s so crucial to cast the right models for the right purposes. Let’s take a closer look.

Editorial Models

Editorial models are exceptionally unique. Instead of simply posing in fashionable clothing and flawless makeup, their job is to tell a story through their photographs.

When looking for your editorial models, you’ll need to look for a person whose portfolio is filled with a wide variety of different projects. Your model needs to be a chameleon, someone who can adapt to your style and ideas and bring it all to life. Make sure that they’ve mastered their interpersonal skills as well, as your editorial model needs to be able to understand you to the fullest.

Plus-Size Models

Plus-size models are in great demand as more brands and companies are trying to meet the demand for more “real” men and women in fashion.

Your plus-size model needs to be talented, communicative, and charming, not to mention healthy. Instead of looking at the dress size, consumers and designers are looking for someone who radiates health and beauty, so no extremely thin or extremely overweight models should be present at your fashion photoshoot.

Runway or Catwalk

Runway modeling tends to be extremely stressful and demanding, with tight schedules, quick outfit changes, and no time for rest. So, when seeking out models for runway, you need to look for individuals who are determined, confident, and energetic.

Your runway models also need to have an air of elegance and charm. Everything they do should look effortless, so find models who can withstand stress and high heels without breaking a sweat.

Catalog Models

What’s the most important in catalog models is their face. Since their job would typically be to market and sell products and services, they need to have a pleasant, inviting face that inspires trustworthiness.

So, you’ll need a model who’s sincere, positive, and friendly.

Fitness Models

Fitness models need to look healthy and natural. You don’t want your models to appear as if they’re on steroids or as if they had muscle implants.

Look for models who are truly active and interested in a healthy lifestyle. Since you’re looking for a natural appearance, a model with a bright face and almost perfect skin tone is a must as you’ll want to minimize makeup and editing – the more natural the better.

Mature Models

The majority of mature models are hired for lifestyle magazines. What this means is that the models should look realistic, approachable, and relatable. The audience should be able to see themselves in the shoes of the model.

Search for models who look their age and who radiate energy and charm.


Finding the right models for the right purposes is a must in fashion photography. If you want to make your photoshoots stand out, reach out to us at Elements Productions, and we’ll make your fashion photography truly marvelous.

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