Top 3 Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Campaigns

"The best thing about pictures is that they never change even when the people in them do" - Andy Warhol

Fashion campaigns are a gold mine for catching up on the latest trends in photography. These events give us new ideas on how to create better photoshoots as professionals. By following these trends, we learn and can apply those concepts to create even better photos.

As seasons change, so do fashion trends. To keep up with this change, we must become students, open to learning new things. We like to open our minds to new possibilities and ideas that we can introduce to give you up to date shots. By studying these amazing fashion campaign trends, we can modify them and create even better photoshoots.

1. Max Mara

The summer spring 2020 max mara campaign stands out due to several factors, such as the perfect placement of models. Also, the color combination of summer spring colors and the fact that they make blazers look so good. From its dark combination to its colorful set, it’s clear that Max Mara came to dominate. The choice of models used also shows diversity and inclusion, which are big trends that play significant roles in the fashion industry today.

2. Salvatore Ferragamo

The Ferragamo Spring/ Summer collection makes this list because of its out of the box presentation. The concept of having the photoshoot outdoors, allowing the models to feel the Spring/ Summer breeze is a fantastic idea. Choosing this concept depicts freedom and joy, which immediately connects with the audience. The brand uses different models to show that everyone has a place to fit in. The fact that they didn’t use a conventional studio setting for this shoot shows their connection to the world, nature, and the people they sell their products too.

3. Giorgio Armani

Another top class spring/ summer 2020 campaign, is the Giorgio Amani campaign. This unique and unconventional with spring written all over it. To make the campaign more unique and mysterious, the production of the photos is quite interesting, with bold colors and a blurry background outlining the photographs vividly. To further beautify the SS 2020 campaign, the models have been dressed in different brightly colored dresses that catch the eye and slightly revealing dresses ensuring you never get too warm and also to leave you star struck.


Spring/ Summer collections are a major phase of the fashion industry that comes with beautiful fashion photoshoot trends. These fashionshoots teaches top fashion companies such as ours new and innovative ways to capture beauty. We take pride in our ability to learn and them modify what we've learnt to produce improved images. We give you the best fashion shoots.

Fashion photoshoots can be delicate and if done wrongly, you risk sending the wrong message to the public. With a professional touch such as ours, your photos not only get the best treatment possible but they will also send the perfect message to your intended audience.

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