The 10 Greatest Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography has evolved over the years. Fashion photography began in 1856 and has grown fast even to this point. As a production company, we have followed the evolution of fashion photography over the past years.

We have a proper understanding of the history and evolution of fashion photography. This understanding is what makes us stand out among other production houses. Besides our outstanding knowledge, we also have connections to the best photographers in the world.

With our understanding of the evolution of fashion photography, we created a list of our top pick for the best fashion photographers of all time.

Below is a list of our top 10 best fashion photographers from 10 to 1.

10. Ellen von Unwerth – Germany

Ellen von Unwerth is a director, photographer and fashion model. Ellen Unwerth was a model for a whole decade. She later moved on to become a fashion photographer and a director.

Ellen specializes in editorials, adverts, and fashion photography. Her works are on Vogue, The Face and Vanity Fair. Several other magazines have featured her exquisite work.

9. John Rankin – United Kingdom

John Rankin Waddell is a world-renowned fashion photographer. Rankin is the most famous British fashion photographer. Fashion photography and portrait capturing are his specialties.

Rankin started as an accountant before going into fashion photography.

8. Kai Z Feng – China

Kai Z Feng is a very famous Chinese photographer. Kai z Feng came from China to become one of the most decorated fashion photographers. Kai Z is known all over the world for his creative work.

He has worked with several popular celebrities. Kai Z Feng has worked with Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Kidman.

7. Peter Lindbergh – Germany

Peter Lindbergh is a German-born photographer and filmmaker. Peter Lindbergh is very popular with his white-and-black photographs. Lindbergh moved to Paris and began shooting for Vogue 1978.

He won an Award in the 2014 amFAR awards. He also bagged a Lucie award for Fashion Layout of the year in 2010. Lindbergh’s style of photography is well applauded around the world.

6. Adler Lindsay – United States

Lindsay Adler is not only a fashion and portrait photographer. She is also a famous author and educator.

Lindsay Adler’s work is in various popular magazines. Rangefinder Magazine, Popular Photography, and Bullet magazine have featured her works.

Lindsay Adler published her first book in 2010. The book is a Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media.

5. James Russell – Australia

Russell is a very famous beauty and fashion photographer. James was once a worker in a trash can factory. His passion and drive for fashion photography raised from that point.

James Russell happens to be the main photographer for Victoria’s Secret. He is famous for his ability to capture the essence of a person.

4. Todd Tyler Anthony – Canada

Todd Tyler is a world-famous fashion photographer. His fame is quite strong across the Asian region.

Todd Tyler’s talent is not limited to fashion photography. He is also an art director, writer, and actor. Todd kicked off his career as a model, allowing him to be successful behind the camera.

Todd Tyler has his photography studio in China.

3. Mario Testino – Peru

Mario Testino is a very famous fashion photographer and a Peruvian by birth. He is well known for his fashion photographs and portraits. Mario Testino works with celebrities and brands across the world.

Top fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair have featured some of Mario Testino’s works. His fame started to grow in 1997. This was after he worked with Princess Diana for a Vanity Fair shoot.

2. Annie Leibovitz – United States

Annie Leibovitz is a very popular American fashion photographer. She’s one of the most professional and creative fashion photographers. Her creative and eye-catching works are not limited to the United States alone.

Annie Leibovitz captures the most beautiful fashion photographs and portraits. This is a result of her passion for nature, energy, and emotion.

1. Emily Soto – USA

Emily Soto is a well-known fashion photographer. She is an American born fashion photographer. Emilio is well known for her creative photography.

People refer to her as one of the best in the world of fashion photography. She is always willing to help up and coming fashion photographers. Emilio Soto is the founder of


The photographers listed above are famous for their unmatched brilliance and creativity. They have produced some of the most iconic fashion photographs in their time. As a production house, we understand that getting such photographers for your shoot maybe a bit too much for your budget.

However, we proffer a good solution to such restrictions. As an outstanding production house, we have and select emerging young and prolific photographers. These photographers are talented with sheer brilliance and creativity.

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