Fall/Winter 2020 Coats Fashion Trends

Like Lauren Hutton said, “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

Fashion trends change with season. Most retailer companies would want to showcase their latest pieces and stay in tune with the top fashion trends of the season. As a fashion ,photography/ videographer production house we understand the changes in seasonal fashion trends. Our in-depth experience of this trend has fortified us with lots of stylish wardrobe trends. This will help you come up with the right styles and ideas for your showcase.

As a fashion photography company, we pride in being up to date on fashion trends for every season. This gives us the right tools to create and organize world class fashion showcases. Based on this reputation, we have decided to bring you the top trends for the 2020 Autumn/Winter season.

1. Caped Coats and Coats

Caped coats and coats are one of the top Autumn/Winter fashion trends of 2020. Capes describe the start of an amazing adventure as they are also very cool to wear. Caped coats and coats can make you feel very sophisticated and regal looking.

You can pair a long pleated skirt with a plaid cape and a high-necked blouse. These cape coats and coats can also give you a vintage-bourgeois vibe.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Jason Wu, and Givenchy produce some of the best cape coat designs. You can visit any of the listed outlets to get your cape coat or coats.

2. Oversized and Voluminous Coats

Oversized and voluminous coats are the most trending coat silhouette this season. These coats engulf your entire body giving you a cozy feel and a high-class look. This coat is great if you’re looking to attend an opera or a gala night.

Versace produces one of the best-oversized coats in the fashion industry. They derive their designs from the voluminous design of the trench coat. The shoulders of the oversized coats are wide enough to give you a powerful effect rather than swallowing you.

You can wear this oversized clothes in deferent ways. You can either style them with a classy belt or style them with loose buttons.

3. Figure-Hugging/Tight Coats

The figure-hugging coats of the 2020 fashion trend stand in high contrast with oversized coats. These long coats are tight and still comfortable thanks to well-tailored nip on the waist. These tight coats help to flatter one’s silhouette giving you a nice shape and figure.

Chanel’s produces the best figure-hugging fits in the fashion industry. They also produce large over-sized coats as well making them the best of both worlds. Chanel provides nice figure-hugging designs from their extra-long hemlines to their high necklines.

The figure-hugging coats will make a great addition to your closet this season. Feel free to choose the figure-hugging coat design that fits your taste.

4. Ethical Fur Coat Trends

Fur coats are one of the long trending items in the world of fashion. These fur coats help increase the awareness of animal rights making it special to the fashion world. These beautiful coats come in different styles, some often bigger than the other.

Miuccia Prada is one of the major producers of ethical fur coats. Miuccia Prada makes various styles of ethical fur coats including playful fizzy coats. They also provide ethical fur coat option s for vegetarians and vegans to wear comfortably.

Michael Kore collection and Givenchy are also major producers of the ethical fur coats. You can decide to add one of these beautiful fur coats to your collection.

5. Trench Coats

Trench coats are one of the latest trends in the fashion industry. The trench coats make it tough for you to pick examples for a proper description. The trench coats are so diverse that it becomes a bit difficult for you to make a fashion choice.

Many fashion labels released different styles and ideas for trench coats this season. The ankle-length trench coats have a minimalist and out worldly look. One of the popular styles of trench coats is the pristine white trench.

The lack of embellishments, the length and the clean lines of these trench coats make them striking. Add a trench coat to your closet today.


The Autumn/Winter fashion trends of 2020 feature mainly coats and jacket clothing. These coats and jackets will not only keep you warm but will give you a classy look as well.

We as a fashion photography company understand the importance of these seasonal trends. So if you’re looking for a company that is up to date on seasonal fashion trends, we are your best choice.

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