How to Create the Perfect E-commerce Shoot for Fashion Products

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

If you want to understand how online fashion merchandising works, you need specific skills and knowledge in analytics and art. The trick is to locate the perfect point where business and fashion intersect, as entirely complementary forces.

Professional fashion brands like us never sacrifice uniqueness and style for the sake of quantity and simple spreadsheets. However, coming up with the best, competitive, and customer-centric way of creating the perfect e-commerce shoot for fashion products comes down to the two most important driving factors – product photography and styling.

As a fashion-specialized production company, it is our duty to present our customers with the finest shoots of our fashion products that complement their needs. We take pride in taking e-commerce fashion shooting to a whole new level.

Preparing the garments for the shoot

As the leading fashion brand in Dubai, we aim for excellence in everything we do. So, naturally, our primary goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers. When it comes to creating a photoshoot for your fashion products, you want them to look their best. This is one of the most vital points in apparel photography.

Prepare the garments for the shoot to fix any mistakes, stains, and wrinkles that might interfere with the final output. Examine each piece of fashion products inside and out, from top to bottom, to make sure they’re perfect and ready.

Models vs. Mannequins

Showing the fit and shape of your products to consumers is essential to convey your brand message adequately. The best way to do this is by using either live models or mannequins.

Both have their advantages, like allowing a fashion brand to showcase their offer the way they want. But, more importantly, they serve to encourage their consumers to not only visualize the garment but go ahead and buy it.

It’s all about picturing a perfect photo inside customers’ minds, allowing them to experience each product’s natural draping and shape. If you’re required to work with strict time restraints and a tight budget, mannequins are the best option. If you want to make it look real, nothing can beat live models.

Multiple angles and distances

Now, fashion photography requires many images, with numerous angles and different distances. All this is done to make your products more appealing. The reason is straightforward – your customers are far more likely to buy your products if you show them enough imagery.

This practice allows customers to view products from different angles and understand their purpose. This is how you will provide them with the best shopping experience.

Lighting and camera settings

Professional fashion photography requires proper lighting and camera settings. Proper lighting allows you to expose images correctly and emphasize details.

Quality camera settings separate average brands from professionals. Pay special attention to settings like white balance, aperture, and ISO.


Lastly, before you go out to shock the world, we need to mention editing. This is where consistency matters the most. Backgrounds, color, alignment, and cropping have to be perfect in apparel product photos. Develop your own set of specifications that work the best for both editing and shooting.


These are the most effective techniques to make the most out of your online fashion merchandising and turn it into an art form.

For more details on creating attention-grabbing product images for your consumers and optimizing your workflows, please send us an email. We look forward to working with you.

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