Photography vs. Videography in Fashion: 3 Essential Differences

“The great thing about fashion is that it always moves forward.” Oscar de la Renta

Long gone are the times when we could find out about new fashion trends only in magazines. Fashion photography is still hugely important, but fashion videography seems to be taking center stage these days.

With all the technological advances and the rise of social media, it’s not at all surprising that fashion videos are all the rage. But what does it take to tell a story of a fashion brand through video? How is it different from photography?

Let’s have a quick look at the main differences between photography and videography in fashion.

Differences in Equipment

The equipment you need for taking still photos isn’t much different than the video production equipment.

You can use the same DSLR camera, as long as it produces both high-resolution photos and HD videos. However, investing in a video camera might be a better choice for high-quality videos.

You also need a tripod, lighting equipment, and editing software for both. Fashion photo production software and video-editing software clearly have different features.

The most significant difference in equipment is the microphone. Fashion videography requires an external microphone that you don’t need for photos. Having an external mic ensures excellent sound quality.

Differences in the Set

Fashion photoshoots are all about setting a theme that helps tell the story of a brand. You can create a unique setting in the studio or find an outdoor location that will match the storytelling perfectly.

But to create a video, you need to think outside the box. Sure, you can record inside a studio, especially if you’re making a lookbook, but truly artistic fashion videos are created out in the world.

That’s where you can craft compelling narrative videos, experimental fashion videos, fashion documentaries, a-day-in-the-life videos, and music-driven fashion videos. The sets for such artistry are just like movie sets, which is why they’re more demanding and expensive.

Differences in Technique

Both photographers and videographers use pretty much the same techniques. Some of those include using proper lighting, setting the white balance, improving composition, and using the right focus points.

However, it’s much easier to master fashion photography techniques. Even a smartphone can help you get the hang of the essential features, before investing in a professional camera. Videography techniques are another story.

After all, videos aren’t still shots. They’re cinematic stories that go deep into detail, capture and hold attention, engage and absorb, and transport the viewers to a different dimension. It takes a true artist to create a moving picture that mesmerizes the viewers and tells an unforgettable story.

Which Is Better?

In the battle between photography and videography in fashion, there’s no one definite winner. Every project is different, and both types of visual storytelling can provide a unique perspective.

Videos are more engaging, but they’re also more expensive and trickier to create. Photos are simpler and more cost-effective, but they only scratch the surface of a story.

The key to choosing between the two is knowing the goal of the story you want to share. Here at Elements Productions, we can help with both. We offer top-notch fashion photography and videography services, so feel free to reach out.

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